Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

VICTORY in federal court restores full protection under the Endangered Species Act to wolves in Montana and Idaho. A federal judge ruled Friday that that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service acted illegally when it removed wolves from the endangered species list in Idaho and Montana but left them on the list in Wyoming, splitting the population along political, rather than biological, lines.

Conservation groups argued that the government’s determination that 300 wolves constitute a recovered wolf population in the northern Rockies ignored current science. Independent scientists have concluded that 2,000 to 5,000 wolves are necessary to secure the health of the species in the region.

Press Release from Center for Biological Diversity.

Meanwhile the barbarian Scandihooligans are slaughtering their miniscule wolf population at an unconscionable and unscientific rate. Sweden with approximately 200 wolves killed 27 in this years massacre, and the Norwegians have in recent years murdered a third of their part of the population (in 2001, out of 28), 25% in January 2005 (out of about 20 wolves), and have been picking them off one by one throughout this year... Despite the population suffering from severe inbreeding depression and founder effect... Ignorance springs eternal.


Anonymous said...

Men Tormod,tar du ikke hensyn til kyr og sauer som venter spent paa slaktehuset?

Galskap alltid overmanner klokskap!


Bummi said...

Ja, ja, diese Norweger... grosses Maul, nichts dahinter... But: As my boys said today, after having seen the most incredible, impressing male elk ever only few meters away from us, during a long walk in the mountains: Mom, I wished to be a elk, but not in Norway. Me: Why? They: because they get shot here. Me: they are no elks left in Germany either. They: oh? Me: The last where shot over 200 hundred years ago. They: But what about bears? Me: Bears are extincted as well. Last year one came over from Austria, and got shot. They: (quiet)
There are idiots everywhere.

The evening went by me translating something of a book I try to read at the moment, so they can understand; Sea of Slaughter. They weren't surprised.