Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Species Justice

In Copenhagen, at the COP15, listening to Naomi Klein speak of this as the moment when the environmental movement became the social justice movement. My question for Naomi, and everyone else, is when the social justice movement will become the species justice movement. (?)

What pisses me off with the civil rights movement in the US is that, while organizing for blacks and hispanics, and "minorities", nobody wants to mention the minority that has suffered the most, lost the most, been worst treated, and been completely ignored--the original inhabitants of the continent, the First Nations, the Native Americans, Amerindians, whatever you want to call them.

Similarly, the ones that truly suffer from human oppression, are worst treated, have lost the most, and who still are completely ignored by the social justice movement: other species.

Peoples of developing nations are not the most oppressed. Humans can rise up and stand up for themselves. Other species can not. And one thing is certain: other species are the innocent victims here.

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