Sunday, August 1, 2010

Steady-State Economics

Too lazy to read Herman Daly's "Steady-State Economics" (

Try this instead: "Nothing grows forever" (

Clearly, work is the root of all evil. This follows from the Second Law of Thermodynamics: increases entropy. Just look at the world: work leads to bad shit... Of course, in the logical extreme, when entropy has increased to the point where the world is all non-differentiated high-entropy heat, no work is possible and neither is evil.

Two things you can do to save the world: don't buy from the large corporations, and don't go to work for them.

"I shall argue that it is the capital stock from which we derive satisfaction, not from the additions to it (production) or the subtractions from it (consumption): that consumption, far from being a desideratum, is a deplorable property of the capital stock which necessitates the equally deplorable activity of production: and that the objective of economic policy should not be to maximize consumption or production, but rather to minimize it, i.e. to enable us to maintain our capital stock with as little consumption or production as possible."

--Kenneth Boulding, 1949

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