Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not for profit

Donnie Maclurcan gave a TEDx Youth Talk a while back (below). Change the world to a not-for-profit model: remove the destructive and unsustainable profit motive and focus on enough, on sufficiency instead of excess.

Donnie's lecture includes the story of from Africa of a potlatch economy—more commonly known from North America. Many economic systems are possible. There is nothing magical about our particular economic system; except that it has yielded this incredible growth, which is proving so destructive. Time will tell if we find a way to steer away from this path, most akin to a mindless, trancelike collective suicide. Perhaps the time is ripe, where enough people are beginning to see that the neoclassical economic model has not really delivered on the promise that we have been breast-fed on the corporate teat and will begin to see the true costs of the anti-science perpetual growth model.

"The frontier is no more. Now it is spaceship rules or death."
                                                      —David C. Korten

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