Monday, August 14, 2017

Said about "Ethics for a Full World or, Can Animal-Lovers Save the World?"

Tormod Burkey has produced a fine, concise book which should enlarge the discussion on what in my view is the most important need of humanity, an "ETHICS FOR A FULL WORLD."
—Paul Ehrlich, Bing Professor of Population Studies Emeritus and President of the Center for Conservation Biology, Stanford University. 

Tormod Burkey would like to save the world because he cares deeply about it, and from the perspective of ecology and evolutionary biology, saving the world seems the right thing to do. Much like Daniel Kozlovsky's 1974 book, An Ecological and Evolutionary Ethic, Burkey makes a strong case that modern science provides a foundation for deciding how we should treat non-human species and the earth as a whole, even if we can't derive "ought" directly from "is."
—Reed F. Noss, Provost's Distinguished Research Professor, University of Central Florida, author of Forgotten Grasslands of the South

Your writing on this is the best I've seen, even going back a while. I think something might have been possible if we had tackled the problem in the 1980s but we have reached a tipping point now. Careerist have ruined our movement. And this is a tough time to be seeking the truth.
—Mike Roselle, Founder, EarthFirst! 


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